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Virtual Appointments available via Zoom (if "in-person" is not possible)


InVivo Spine

Step 1: 

McGill Method Assessment

(Approx. 2 hrs.)

The McGill Method assessment applies principles from biomechanics, neurodynamics, cognitive behaviour therapy, exercise science, anatomy, radiology and ergonomics to determine the root cause of your back pain and your specific pain triggers.  These are unique to each person and we will find yours.  


The assessment begins by gathering a detailed history of your back pain in order to analyze patterns in behaviour, sports, exercise, work habits, and lifestyle.  A physical examination follows which includes a biomechanical assessment of motions, postures and loads, neurodynamic tests,  as well as an analysis of muscular and anatomical factors that may play a role in your pain.   


Upon completion, you will have a clear understanding of the root cause of your back pain and your unique pain triggers.  You will be shown the features of your MRI (if available) that relate to the cause, and a precise plan for your recovery will be discussed.  

McGill Method Assessment
McGill Method Assessment
McGill Method Certified Practitioner

Step 2: 

Eliminate the Cause 

(Approx. 1 hr.)

Following the McGill Method assessment, you will be trained to eliminate the root cause of your back pain.  This is the first and most critical step in rehabilitating back pain.  It allows traumatized tissues to rest, heal and for pain to desensitize.  For the first time, you will be in control of your back pain. You will know exactly what to do and what not to do.  Mysterious, repeated back pain flare-ups will become a thing of the past! 

McGill Method Certified Practitioner
InVivo Spine

Step 3:

Build Resilience


Therepeutic Exercise

(Approx. 1 hr.)

Once you learn how to remove the cause of your back pain, you're ready for custom therapeutic exercises designed to build spine resilience.​  Selection, dosage and timing of exercises are skillfully administered based on your injury and your spine's tolerance and capacity. You will be provided with expert coaching to train perfect form with attention to detail to ensure zero increase in your back pain.


The McGill Method is not a cookie-cutter approach that prescribes general exercise, general stretches, yoga, pilates, etc.  These are non-specific interventions that have most likely already failed you. The McGill Method prescribes highly specific exercises that target your deficits.  If appropriate, additional interventions for neural (nerve) components of your pain are introduced based on your specific dysfunction. 

You will receive a written report detailing your McGill Method Assessment Results & Customized Recovery Plan

You'll be learning a great deal about your back pain.  Your written report provides you with a reference to your assessment results, pain trigger(s), impediments to recovery, positions of respite, corrective exercise, therapeutic exercise, as well as mobility, stretches, footwork, nerve mobilization, strength patterns, program progression and design guidance when/if appropriate.



receive an expert McGill Method assessment

learn about the root cause of your pain and your unique pain triggers

learn about the relationship between your symptoms and your spinal imaging (if available)

learn how to eliminate the root cause of your pain

learn what to do and what not to do

receive expert coaching on pain-free postures, positions of respite and pain-free movement

receive expert coaching on pain-free exercises customized for you and your specific injury 

receive a written report detailing your treatment plan including access to customized videos

receive programming guidance on the return to activities that you enjoy

receive discounts on ergonomic supports if recommended

receive  free email correspondence for short questions or clarifications related to your custom program (within reason). 

McGill Method Certified Practitioner
McGill Method Certified Practitioner
InVivo Spine
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