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What to Expect


STEP 1: 

The McGill Method Assessment​  

(2 - 2.5 hours)


The McGill Method Assessment begins by gathering a detailed history of your back pain or sciatica. This allows us to survey patterns in behaviour, sports, exercise, work habits, lifestyle, etc., to gain an understanding of your injury history.


A physical examination follows to determine your pain triggers and the root cause of your back pain and/or sciatica.  These triggers are unique to every person and we will find yours.


Movements, postures, and loads are analyzed, as well as muscular and anatomical features that may also play a role in your injury.


Upon completion, you will have a clear understanding of the root cause of your pain.  You will be shown the features of your MRI that relate to the root cause (if available) and we will have a  precise plan for your recovery.  If your back pain is not of a mechanical nature, you will be provided with appropriate recommendations.

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STEP 2: 

Eliminate the Cause  

(1 hour)


Following the assessment, you will be trained to eliminate the root cause by replacing your pain triggers with pain-free movements, postures and loading patterns.


You will be given positions of respite and positions to unload the sciatic nerve if appropriate.  Eliminating the root cause is the first and most critical step in rehabilitation.  This allows traumatized tissues to rest and heal.  For the first time, you will be in control of your pain. You will know exactly what to do and what not to do.  Mysterious, repeated flare-ups will become a thing of the past! 


You will receive a custom written review of your session via email with the details and nuances specific to winding down your pain triggers as well as access to customized video demonstrations.  



Build Resilience

(1 hour)



Once you know how to remove the cause of your pain, you are ready for custom therapeutic exercises designed to build spine resilience.​  Selection, dosage and timing of exercises are skillfully administered based on your injury and your spine's tolerance and capacity.  You will be provided with expert coaching to ensure perfect form with attention to detail to ensure zero increase in pain.


The McGill Method is not a cookie-cutter approach that prescribes general exercise, general stretches, yoga, pilates, etc.  These are non-specific interventions that have most likely already failed you. The McGill Method prescribes highly specific exercises that target your deficits. If appropriate additional interventions for neural (nerve) components of your pain are introduced based on your specific dysfunction. 


You will receive a custom written review summarizing your session via email as well as access to customized video demonstrations.


Advancing Pain-Free Activity

(1 hour)


Once your pain winds down, it's time to enhance injury resilience even further and broaden your pain-free activities.  Muscular deficits are trained, specific joints are mobilized, and skillfully coached stretches are programmed if appropriate.  Your exercise and movement repertoire are expanded during this phase, building mind-muscle connections, enhancing controlled motion and re-establishing healthy activation patterns.

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