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Virtual Appointments available via Zoom


"Back Mechanic" Book Questions

Read Dr. McGill's book "Back Mechanic" but have questions or need some

help with the self tests or exercises?

Request a 30 min. or 1 hour session via Zoom, telephone or in-person.  


Review Session

There's a considerable amount of education and training during the McGill Method consult.  

Request  a 30 min. or 1 hour session via Zoom or in-person to review any aspect of

your recovery program.




McGill Method Certified Practitioner
McGill Method Certified Practitioner


Advancing Pain-Free Activity



(1 hour min.)



 If you have athletic endeavours or advanced fitness goals, you may need to enhance injury resilience even further to broaden your pain-free activities.  Muscular deficits are trained, specific joints are mobilized, and skillfully coached stretches are programmed if appropriate.  Your exercise and movement repertoire are expanded during this phase, building mind-muscle connections, enhancing controlled motion and re-establishing healthy activation patterns.  

*An additional hour will be billed for a written program.

McGill Method Certified Practitioner
McGill Method Certified Practitioner

     Advanced Interventions for

Neural Components of Low Back Pain

30 minutes

Some individuals with a neural component to their pain effecting the sciatic or perhaps the femoral nerves, may benefit from training progressive  techniques to enhance the function of the nerves.  If this is the case, this will be recommended when and if appropriate. As with lower back pain, every case is unique. The nerves can suffer from pressure, tension, and upward or downward sliding dysfunctions as a result of lower back injuries.  

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