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Additional Programs


     Advanced Interventions for

Neural Components of Low Back Pain

(30 minutes)

Some individuals with a neural component to their pain effecting the sciatic or perhaps the femoral nerves, may benefit from training progressive  techniques to enhance the function of the nerves.  If this is the case, this will be recommended when and if appropriate. As with lower back pain, every case is unique. The nerves can suffer from pressure, tension, and upward or downward sliding dysfunctions as a result of lower back injuries.  


Review Session

(1 hour)

There is a considerable amount of education and training during the McGill Method consult.  Some individuals feel they benefit from a review session to ask additional questions and ensure they are executing their program with perfect form.  Individuals with less complex back pain who have been reading Dr. McGill's book "Back Mechanic", may book a review session to ask questions, seek clarification or receive coaching on form.  Virtual appointments are available.


Back Fitness & Performance​

(1 hour x 2/week x 6 weeks)


This program shifts focus from back rehabilitation to back performance.  Your unique back injury and personal history continues to steer the ideal selection and dosage of exercises to increase challenge and tune your back and body with specificity. The goal is to empower you with the knowledge to continue to train on your own, with a clear understanding of exercise objectives, selection and progressions.


Golf & Back Performance​

(1 hour x 2/week x 6 weeks)

This comprehensive program is designed to enhance spine sparing techniques for playing the game of golf. Coaching is focussed on tuning the elastic components of the golf swing; muscular pulse production training; targeted exercise coaching to enhance hip power generation and transfer to the club; and "stop motion" drills designed to enhance injury resilience and further reduce spine stresses.

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