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What is the cost?

Our hourly rate is $165/hr.  You can expect to spend 3-5 hours in total which includes:

Step 1:  Assessment

Step 2: Eliminate the Cause

Step 3: Build Resilience

Step 4: Advance Pain-Free Activity


Is the McGill Method covered by insurance?

No, the McGill Method is not covered by insurance.  There is currently no provision in the health care system to accommodate a 2 hour assessment to hone in on the precise causal mechanisms of back pain and develop a customized program to remove the cause and build resilience.  


How do I know if the McGill Method is right for me?

Most of our clients suffer from chronic back pain and/or sciatic symptoms or they continue to have repeated acute attacks. They have been unable to find a long-term, permanent solution to their back pain despite trying a multitude of therapies and treatments that usually requires repeat visits over and over again to manage symptoms rather than address the root cause.


The McGill Method candidate wants to understand why they have back pain and/or sciata and how to get rid of it.  Overcoming back pain takes discipline, consistency and patience.  You will likely have to break old habits and form new ones.  If you want to solve your back troubles and be in control of how your spine behaves and heals, the McGill Method is likely the best decision you'll ever make.


I already had an MRI and/or X-ray.  Do I still need an Assessment?

Without the context of a detailed assessment, looking at imaging alone is of little use in guiding treatment and is often the reason for failed recovery.  Only subsequent to an assessment that hones in on the precise pain mechanisms, can imaging be used to provide a match between pain mechanisms and tissue damage.  


Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Absolutely.  Feel free to bring a spouse, family member, or someone you live with.  You will be learning a great deal about your back injury and your pain triggers, and you will be coached on various techniques and exercises as part of your individualized rehabilitation program. An additional set of eyes and ears is helpful to some.   


How is InVivo Spine and the McGill Method different from other therapies?

✓Learn how to eliminate the root cause of your pain

✓Learn what to do and what not to do

✓Receive expert coaching on pain-free postures and pain-free movement

✓Receive expert coaching on pain-free exercises customized for you and your specific injury mechanisms 

✓Understand the relationship between your symptoms and your spinal imaging (if available)

✓Receive a written report detailing every aspect of your treatment plan including access to customized videos

✓Receive programming guidance on the return to activities that you enjoy

✓Receive email support to answer questions and monitor your progress

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